Marketing & Sales Services

We have more than 150 sales and marketing staffs in our company. Each business division has their own marketing team, supported by highly trained & qualified product and application specialists.

Logistics & Distribution Services

Tawada Healthcare has an armada of trucks ready to ship and distribute our products to our customers. We firmly believe in efficient, on-time deliveries. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

We have a dedicated Inventory team to help our marketing team for inventory planning and forecasting.

After Sales Services

At Tawada, we believe in SERVICE EXELLENCE where we maintain prolonged customer satisfaction through our services.

As such, Tawada has a subsidiary focusing on the installations, service and maintenance as PT. Tawada Biomedical Service.

This initiatives are done to ensure consistent delivery in after sales service in our customer’s site at all times and overcoming any challenges.

Warehousing Services

Tawada Healthcare keeps its inventory in a warehouse located in Bounded Warehouse area at Kosambi which is very close to Soekarno Hatta International Airport and also to the toll road. This provides us with an easy and convenient access to efficient distribution of our products.

We have a total of 1,500 sq. m of storage area in our central warehouse. We also have a smaller warehouse in our head office for emergency delivery. In addition, every branch has their own warehouses as well.
We have integrated software system to control all inventory to help our distribution network.
We also have a cold storage in our warehouse to store clinical diagnostic reagents.

The temperature is maintained at about 6-8 degrees Celsius. We are constantly audited by our principals to ensure that our warehouse comply with their standard requirements for good storage condition.