With highly specialized team, THC bring to the market advanced surgical technologies ranging from stapling, laparoscopy instruments, hernia meshes. Our team consist of specialized people trained to help surgeons in various field with in depth technical knowledge, offering hospitals a full solution in advancing their surgical services.

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OT Tables
MOS 1302B

Lower limb traction operating table with a wider X-Ray viewing range and good maneuverability.


The MOT-VS600 Slide Top Operating Table provides the weight capacity, articulation, and height capabilities needed for any patient or procedure. With its best in class 360 kg (800 lbs.) articulated weight capacity, you can take full advantage of 35° tilt and 40° Trendelenburg along with the lowest height, and most top slide of any general surgical table. The MOT-VS600 is the ideal choice for multi-surgical disciplines including those where imaging, laparoscopic, or endoscopic techniques are required.

MOT 5602 BW

MOT-5602SRMB is designed to not only accommodate General Surgery but also fulfill the needs of Laparoscopic and other surgeries requiring extremely low height adjustment. When the low height of 52cm is combined with a total of 53cm of the top slide, the combination is superb and is low enough to let the patient entering the room on foot be seated without difficulty. Work with laparoscopic instruments at convenient levels without the need to stand.

  • Full 53cm of Top Sliding (from a center point to head 22cm, to leg 31cm).
  • Wide Imaging Area.
  • Require No Patient Reverse Position.
  • Easy to Use.
MST 7300

Style, Stability, Support, Systematicity, & Safety.

  • Widest space and access around the tabletop.
  • The jackknife (z-shaped) elevation system allows for a minimum height of 15.7 inches (7300B) and 17.7 inches (7300BX).
  • The maximum weight capacity increased to 800 lbs (360kg).
  • Positioning Options: Elevation, Trendelenburg, Tilt, Lateral Tile, X-Y Sliding, ISO Center, Parkbench, Concord, and Half Sitting Position.
SPL 331

This operating table is a product of Mizuhols clear-cut design concept to provide the users with an operating table possessing all basic functions needed for general surgery plus the radiographic capability with a simple construction for minimized trouble and ease of maintenance^ and above all, an outstanding cost-performance Neatly encased head-end table control system along with the smooth and powerful foot-operated oil pump provides good maneuverability of the table as well as ease of maintenance. Sturdily structured gear-driven tabletop control system ensures.

VACB 3006_B_0628

VACB-3006B is designed to move similar to catheter tables. The smooth and stable movement allows operators to effortlessly move the table top to its desire position.
 The slim column design of the table enhances C-arm access and provides optimizing images with less radiation energy.