Renal Care

The renal care division is a division engaged in the health of the kidney or urinary system. The renal care division is part of the Tawada health care company, founded in 2017 the renal care division has a focus on the health of kidney patients in Indonesia. The medical equipment carried by the renal care division is the Baxter Gambro AK 98 hemodialysis machine. Gambro AK 98 Is a hemodialiss machine that is needed by patients with kidney failure. With the latest technology, the Gambro ak 98 machine is able to achieve maximum dialysis adequacy for patients, so that the patient's body condition is always well maintained. The AK 98 Gambro machine is equipped with a safety menu for patients, the Diascan K.T / V Online menu and can also be used for segmentation of adult patients, children and pregnant women. In addition to hemodialysis machines, the renal care division also has consumables for hemodialysis needs with high quality and capability, one of which is a highflux dialyzer with maximum detoxification quality, and a machine endotokine filter that maintains a more ultrapure dialysate water quality. The renal care division has certified experts in the field of hemodialysis, consisting of experienced salespeople, hemodalysis nurses and technicians. With one of the company philosophy of Tawada Health Care "it is all about care", our renal care division will provide the best for the health of patients in the world and in Indonesia.

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Hemodialysis Products
AK 98

The IQD philosophy may give you the confidence that each hemodialysis session can be easily, effectively and consistently delivered to target while making better use of the clinics resources.


Ultrafilter U9000 is a filter that is installed on the inside of the machine as a center for filtering the dialysis fluid which is very important for patients, with functions:

      Water purification for dialysis

      Prepares dialysis fluids to be ultrapure

      Preparing replacement fluids for HDF / HF action

      High ability to retain bacteria and endotoxin

      Reducing the risk of infection in patients

      Provides a more comfortable feeling to the patient during the treatment



Polyflux L dialyzers bring you one step closer to excellence in dialysis therapies. Featuring the Polyamix™ membrane, this exclusive 3-layered, blended polymer fiber provides excellence in clearance stability  and compatibility.


·      Enhanced new design of Polyflux L

·      Advanced  fiber  distribution and geometry

-          Micro-undulated fibers for improved dialysate distribution and high KoA values

-          Precision on the nano-scale with complete control  over fiber geometry

·      Enhanced header design

Thorough  distribution of blood to all fibers and no stagnating areas reducing clotting  potential

·      Reduced Priming Solution Volume

·      Quick and simple to use

-          Steam sterilized, eliminating EtO reactions and easing the priming procedures

-          Excellent  deaeration during  priming, reducing clotting  and maintaining the high diffusive mass transfer

-          Improved  rinseback


SoftPac concentrates in combination with the BiCart® cartridge are convenient and easy to handle. Available in two sizes, the SoftPac system offers a liquid acetic acid-based concentrate, nonpyrogenic, in a closed system for optimal hygiene and easier storage.


The compact BiCart 650g cartridge is 87% lighter than a standard 5L liquid concentrate canister used for a single treatment.


The Revaclear 300 dializer is a Highflux quality dialyzer that is capable of removing small and medium molecular size solutes on hemodialysis. The selective permeability of the Polyamix membrane is highly effective at removing intermediate molecules, such as β2m, and helps minimize the loss of essential proteins such as albumin. It is sterilized using natural steam power and avoids the use of radiation or chemical sterilization methods, and eliminates the danger of patients from exposure to ETO residue