Medical Imaging

With more than 20 years experience in the market, THC is your most trusted partner to enhance diagnostic quality and productivity in covering your every need in capturing, processing, printing and archiving throughout the Health Imaging process, and now also in dental radiography. To future proof your hospital, we can offer you solutions for digital radiography and healthcare IT solutions to obtain integrated patient information and streamlined workflow at every point of care.

Film for Printer / Consumables

Offers distinct advantages that are clear to see. Combining dry laser imaging with slightly bluer, more pleasing blue/black tones, DVE Film improves image visibility in low density and higher density regions alike. It also lasts longer, handles more efficiently and maximizes your film supply inventory. For most imagers a simple software upgrade is all it takes to seamlessly transition to DVE Film while continuing to use your current film supply.


This orthochromatic film uses T-Grain® Technology to deliver improved image resolution, reduced image noise, and higher system speed. In addition, the reduced chemical replenishment rates recommended for this film can provide chemical cost savings. MXG Film is designed for use with CARESTREAM LANEX Screens or equivalents. These screens deliver speed and resolution with the imaging power of green-light-emitting rare-earth phosphors. Regular Screens yields high-quality images and helps reduce operating expenses.