THC presents you Olympus endoscopy equipments, the market leader of endoscopy in the world. Olympus was the first developer of gastrocameras in 1949 and has since been pioneering many endoscopy technologies and features including the NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) that helps with early cancer detection.

Ranging from gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy, THC is ready to fulfill your endoscopy needs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We ensure that you have the latest and the most complete solutions for your endoscopy needs.

THC is also commited to serve you with the best after-sales services, and we are preparing the Service Center for Olympus medical equipments in Indonesia. This center will be the first service facility that can perform major repair on endoscopy equipments in Indonesia, significantly reducing repair time.


The new EVIS EXERA III endoscopy system is setting new standards for technologies focusing on advancing visualization, control, and workflow. These innovative technologies help facilitate more accurate diagnosis and treatment, simplify setup and reprocessing, improve workflow, and link patient and department information to the hospital’s information network through smart technologies with advanced levels of sophistication and integration.


The EVIS EXERA III GIF-HQ190 gastroscope is a versatile workhorse scope that includes an array of advanced features to support both upper and intra-operative endoscopy. The scope’s improved image quality results from increased resolving power, which is achieved with significantly less halation and noise, and Dual Focus functionality delivers the optimal depth of field at   the touch of a button. For further efficiencies, a new connector design minimizes the effort required for setup prior to and in between cases and eliminates the need for a water-resistant cap.


The EVIS EXERA III Videocolonoscope CF-HQ190 revolutionises routine endoscopy by providing ground-breaking advanced diagnostic features in an easy-to-use routine endoscope. A host of additional features including Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) ease scope handling assisting in insertion and potentially helping to reduce patient pain.


The EVIS EXERA III GIF-XP190N gastroscope delivers excellent image quality and illumination, enhanced NBI capabilities, and a wide 140° field of view. Its 5.4 mm outer diameter makes the GIF-XP190N a powerful tool for diagnostic endoscopy whenever an ultra-slim scope is needed.


The EVIS EXERA III PCF-PH190L/I colonovideoscope delivers HDTV image quality and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) for enhanced visualization in an ultra-slim scope. An outer diameter of only 9.7 mm along with Responsive Insertion Technology (RIT) helps ease insertion.