THC presents you Olympus endoscopy equipments, the market leader of endoscopy in the world. Olympus was the first developer of gastrocameras in 1949 and has since been pioneering many endoscopy technologies and features including the NBI (Narrow Band Imaging) that helps with early cancer detection.

Ranging from gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy, THC is ready to fulfill your endoscopy needs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. We ensure that you have the latest and the most complete solutions for your endoscopy needs.

THC is also commited to serve you with the best after-sales services, and we are preparing the Service Center for Olympus medical equipments in Indonesia. This center will be the first service facility that can perform major repair on endoscopy equipments in Indonesia, significantly reducing repair time.

Endoscope Washer

Quick Reprocessing Time

Compact and Smart Design

Modified Manual Cleaning Flow

Automated Scope ID System

Dedicated High Level Disinfectant 

  • Dual scope processing The OER-Pro can simultaneously reprocess two flexible endoscopes
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure laminar channel flow The combination of the advanced technology with a specially-formulated detergent supports the overall cleaning process
  • Automatic disinfection of endoscopic valves High-level disinfection of the Olympus endoscopic valves is achieved using the OER-Pro
  • Automatic alcohol flushing and air purge of channels The fully automated alcohol flush enhances endoscope drying time

The TD-20 Manual Disinfector, facilitates the cleaning and disinfection of Olympus flexible endoscopes.