THC & Gakeslab Collaboration to Successful Vaccination Programme

As massive efforts are continuing to ensure a successful outreach of vaccinations for the Indonesian population, PT Tawada Healthcare (THC) initiated a collaboration effort with GAKESLAB Indonesia DKI Jakarta branch (Perkumpulan Organisasi Perusahaan Alat-alat Kesehatan dan Laboratorium), DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office (Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi DKI Jakarta), dan AIC Medical Clinic to set up its Headquarters as a vaccination point or what the country calls as Sentra Vaksin. 

 “As it’s uncertain when the pandemic COVID19 will end, we place it upon ourselves as responsible citizens in society to help where we can,” said THC CEO, Satrija Sumarkho.  “THC one of the largest medical equipment distributors in Indonesia with offices and representatives across the country.  We pride ourselves by delivering care and therefore commenced support for the dissemination of the vaccination.

“Our Sentra Vaksin is open Friday and Saturday for the 18th and 19th June, as well as 25 th and 26th June 2021, with the goal of reaching over 500 people members of GAKESLAB Indonesia, healthcare professionals and our employees, particularly those supporting the medical front line, as well as the communities around our office. I’m hoping that the vaccination will strengthen people’s immune systems though it does not mean we can be relaxed with the health protocols afterwards,” Satrija explained further.

Through this collaboration, currently AIC Medical Clinic is making available 150 vaccinations per day.  Head of AIC Medical Clinic and Deputy for the Vaccination Team, Dr Danny explained “We plan to continue this collaboration and partnership with THC for the long term.  This is just the first round of vaccines.  In three (3) weeks’ time we will set up the Sentra Vaccine again for the second round of shots.  THC has generously taken on the operational costs for all these activities, while GAKESLAB Indonesia made it possible for us to access the vaccines.”

"We are carrying out the vaccination in accordance to the procedures mandated by The Ministry of Health through the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office (Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi DKI Jakarta/DinKes DKI Jakarta).  They have been really supportive and have been alongside with us throughout the whole process to ensure that the vaccinations run smoothly.” said Dr Danny

Irawati, THC Head Human Resources and Head Coordinator for the Sentra Vaksinasi initiative added, “The data collection for this activity is of vital importance. So, we’ve been vigilant to carry it out in accordance with the procedures from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, as it is directly linked to the Ministry’s database.  There may be a possibility that we will continue the establishment of this Sentra Vaksin, but this is all still in assessment with the Health Office.  But basically, we are ready to support with the vaccination program.”

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