To satisfy clinicians need for excellent image, Samsung provides newly developed ultrasound systems with outstanding features as well as accurate imaging and comfortable ergonomic design.

Women Healthcare

WS80A with ELITE

WS80A with ELITE

Explore the new dimension that you have never seen before

WS80A with Elite is designed to create a new possibility for ultrasound diagnosis adopting new dimension that you have never seen before.
The finest image quality, advanced 5D diagnostic solution and innovative rendering tecnonology help you make decision with confidence and lead you to new paradigm of womens’s health.



Stylish design, 5D technologies, MPI and ElastoScan™.



Daily Inspiration

The HS70A was designed for hospital and private care – with you – the user in mind.
The HS70A can be used in Radiology. Internal Medicine, Vascular Surgery. Urology.
Gynecology. Pediatrics, Preventive medicine, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy and the First Aid
Department for :
- Abdominal imaging                    – Cardiac screenning                       – Pediatric heart imaging
- Musculoskeletal imaging            - Small Parts imaging                      - Vascular imaging
- Breast imaging                           – Transcranial Doppler (TCD)