Tawada as the distributor for Smith&Nephew Orthopedics with its medsurg, implants and other orthopedic products, has been providing surgeons in Indonesia with comprehensive and a total solution for their orthopedic surgery needs. We focuses on total joint replacements, endo-surgery and trauma instrumentations. On top of these, we also provide powered saw and drill to assist surgeons in achieve swift and more compfortable surgeries. We have also supported in educational effort through continuous medical education for the local orthopedic society over the years. The orthopedic team is also filled with experienced clinical specialist with medical nurse backgrounds, thus ensuring quality of service and products to this field of speciality.

Tawada with Smith & Nephew are your total solution partner in providing improved mobility and solving your orthopedic surgery needs.

Camera System

560 Series

The defining moment in high definition has arrived

Smith & Nephew is proud to announce the all new, digital-broadcast quality 560 Series 3-CCD High Definition Camera System, producing pure HD 1080i imaging. It’s a complete end-to-end, high definition system that keeps the HD format throughout the entire video chain – including optics, camera head, CCU and monitor. And it meets the ATSC broadcast standards for HDTV.

The result is a level of image quality and color never before possible, including picture clarity that’s five times greater than the resolution of SDTV. Native HD image data acquired by the 560 H camera is conveyed to the CCU via high speed digital interface, where the image data is processed and converted into HDTV images, which can then be displayed on HD flat panel monitors. With our all-HD camera system, you’ll see an extremely high-resolution and virtually distortion-free image. Colors look more realistic, with greater depth-of-field due to the wider bandwidth. The 560 H High Definition Camera System provides a level of image quality never before possible.

  • Presents anatomical color and detail previously unseen with standard definition surgical cameras.
  • Increases productivity and more confident diagnoses.

560H Camera Head

  •  Uses HD widescreen CCD (Charge Coupled Device) designs for native acquisition of the digital HDTV image.
  • Captures more clinical information.
  • Breakthrough micro-electronic technology allows advanced ergonomic design: the 560 camera head is similar in size and weight to a standard camera head.
  •  3-button, 6-function interface controls image and remote operation of compatible peripheral devices like CCU’s, printers, and Smith & Nephew Image Management Systems.

560P Camera Control Unit

  • Proprietary processing architecture handles 2 1/2 times more information than SDTV to achieve true high definition TV.

560 SYSTEM Flat Panel Monitor

  • Outputs image in full 1920 x 1080i 16 x 9 format or traditional 4:3 format.
  • Displays true high definition resolution and clarity.
  • Displays true HD images when used with the Smith & Nephew 560 Series Camera System.
  • Lightweight display for superior flexibility.

Smith & Nephew Endoscopy focuses on repairing and healing the human body through minimally invasive techniques. The company creates innovative products whose performance has earned the trust of clinicians around the world. We are very proud that every day we help patients quickly get back to normal.


500XL Light Source

The 500 XL Light Source provides brighter illumination than competitive LED light source* and is part of the complete Smith & Nephew visualization experience when paired with the 560 HD camera platform.

Proven Technology

  • More than 18% brighter than stand alone LED sources with consistent 300 watt Xenon light*
  • Ideal viewing in challenging arthroscopic environments

Intuitive Interface

  • Ability to control Xenon light source from the Smith & Nephew 560 HD Camera
  • Bright LCD panel with user-friendly messaging, including lamp hour usage
  • Rotational turret allows for multiple light guide compatibility


The 660HD Image Management System increases OR efficiency by easily capturing and utilizing surgical images in true high definition (HD) format.

Manage Your Surgical Images with Ease

The Smith & Nephew 660HD Image Management System is an easy-to-use digital capture system that enables the OR staff to capture, edit, print, and store intraoperative surgical images and videos in true 1920 x 1080 high definition (HD) format. Patient images and videos can be captured using camera head buttons or the graphical user interface. Images can be edited and printed on inkjet or laser printers. Patient data can be written to a data CD/DVD for a computer, or a video DVD for use in commercial DVD players. Images can also be saved to a USB drive or network folder. When used with the Smith & Nephew Integration Broker software, the 660HD System can save to PACS using DICOM or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) using HL7.



Setting a new standard for power and performance

The DYONICS POWER II Control System takes powered resection to a new level. It combines the most aggressive arthroscopic soft tissue resection mode and powerful torque for efficient bone resection with proven DYONICS shaver handpieces and blades.

The system that works for you

Simple enough to use right out of the box, DYONICS POWER II Control System may also be customized to your unique requirements:

  • Choice of soft tissue cutting modes adapt to surgeon preferences and procedure demand.
  • Dual hot ports enable simultaneous activation of shaver and power handpieces.
  • Blade family auto-recognition quickly recalls preferred settings.
  • Footswitch can be operated in variable speed or on-off modes.
  • Provides flexibility to activate handpiece and footswitch controls during a procedure.

Streamlines procedures with power and efficiency

Utilizing an innovative and proprietary cutting technology, the DYONICS POWER II Control Unit resects soft tissue faster than comparable arthroscopic resection systems.



Power and precision!

You want to resect soft tissue rapidly. But you also need to precisely sculpt soft tissue. The DYONICS RF System satisfies both requirements, with patented bipolar technology that delivers focused energy to the targeted tissue, and probes that allow superb maneuverability in tight joint spaces. So you can still be aggressive, with the control you need.

Image is everything.

With an unobstructed image, it’s easier to pick out details that might otherwise be hidden by debris or bubbles. DYONICS RF suction probes are equipped with grated suction ports that encourage a constant flow of irrigating fluid and contribute to a clear field of view.

Plug and go!

The DYONICS RF System’s user-friendly generator interface and plug-and-play probes make it easy to apply bipolar RF energy for rapid resection and ablation. Just plug in the probe and the system selects the optimal power setting to get you going quickly.



Flow rates up to 2.5 lpm

Maintains stable pressure in the joint and also maintains clear field of view.

Easy to set up and use

No calibration required.

Simply insert the tubing cassette, select the cannula size and press START.

Multiple tube set options

A variety of tubing options are available, including day tubing, which enables you to select the most cost-effective solution for your facility.



Engineered with wide angle lens construction and exceptional depth of field to keep the operative site in focus over a wide range of vision, reducing the need to refocus during surgery.

Direct view Arthroscopes provide optimal flexibility.
Choice of viewing angles allows complete joint examination without compromising technique.  

VideoArthroscopes attach directly to camera for optimum clarity.
Choice of viewing angles allows complete joint examination without compromising technique.

High quality optical couplers team with direct view arthroscopes.
Offering procedural flexibility