Tawada as the distributor for Smith&Nephew Orthopedics with its medsurg, implants and other orthopedic products, has been providing surgeons in Indonesia with comprehensive and a total solution for their orthopedic surgery needs. We focuses on total joint replacements, endo-surgery and trauma instrumentations. On top of these, we also provide powered saw and drill to assist surgeons in achieve swift and more compfortable surgeries. We have also supported in educational effort through continuous medical education for the local orthopedic society over the years. The orthopedic team is also filled with experienced clinical specialist with medical nurse backgrounds, thus ensuring quality of service and products to this field of speciality.

Tawada with Smith & Nephew are your total solution partner in providing improved mobility and solving your orthopedic surgery needs.

Arthroscopy Implants



Introducing one of the strongest soft tissue fixation devices for cruciate reconstruction, the ENDOBUTTON◊ CL fixation device. Its pre-threaded, continuous loop of suture demonstrates among the highest failure loads of any competitive device. The ENDOBUTTON CL fixation device offers simple rigid fixation.

Benefits and Features

Truly endoscopic procedure-does not require a second incision

Standard technique allows for endoscopic revision without lateral incision and bone removal

Consistent cortical fixation-does not rely on cancellous bone quality

Multiple sizes allow surgeon to determine length of graft to insert in the femoral socket

The only soft tissue fixation device that can be used with twin socket techniques



The BIOSURE family of interference screws incorporates the latest proven technologies to help deliver exceptional graft fixation in ACL reconstruction, whether your technique incorporates a single or double bundle reconstruction, fixating on the tibial and/or femoral side, or using soft tissue or bone-tendon-bone grafts, our line of BIOSURE Interference Screws are designed to meet your needs.

Broad range of sizes
BIOSURE Interference screws are available in a variety of sizes, including 6mm screws for MPFL, extra-articular or double bundle repairs and reverse thread screws for right knees. This broad range of screw size offerings allows you to optimize fit based on technique preference or patient anatomical requirements.

The right tools for easy insertion
Optimal versatility extends beyond our screw sizes. We offer a full line of instrumentation, with drivers and taps available in ratcheted or non-ratcheted versions.

Enhanced durability
BIOSURE Interference Screws and Drivers are designed for durability and reduced screw breakage. Both the screws and driver have been enhanced to allow screws to fully seat on the driver all the way to the tip of the screw, helping stress distribution and force transfer. The screw design also incorporates a consistent wall thickness throughout the length of the screw for added durability and features a tapered body for ideal ease of insertion.



When the original FAST-FIX Meniscal Repair System was introduced in 2001, it set the benchmark for non-invasive, all-inside repairs. Thanks to its preloaded implants, pre-tied sliding knot, and innovative pusher/cutter device, this innovative system lets you deploy two implants vertically or horizontally on either side of the meniscus, tighten the suture, and trim the excess.

Building on its proven clinical success, the all-new ULTRA FAST-FIX system adds easier knot sliding and stronger suture. The result is a faster, more secure meniscal repair system that will maximize the chances of a successful meniscus tear recovery.

Fast and easy

Unlike conventional suture-based repair systems, the ULTRA FAST-FIX system is an implant system with a pre-tied, self-sliding knot that eliminates the need for intra-articular knot tying.

Strong and clinically proven

Provides a strong, reproducible and reliable meniscal repair with biomechanical properties equal to that of the open, vertical mattress stitch suture technique.

Contains no hard device heads

Minimizes trauma to articular cartilage.

Easy knot sliding with ULTRABRAID™ suture

Offers advantages over traditional polyester suture, including higher knot-breaking strength, increased lubricity and a stronger resistance to fraying.


FAST-FIX 360 Meniscal Repair System

Optimal performance, the only device that clicks on so many levels.

Fast-click, active implant deployment: unique 360° actuation design enables you to deploy implants in any hand position – vertically, horizontally, on either side of the meniscus – with a fast, smooth advancing motion.

  • Minimal disruption to the meniscus: smaller implants and pre-tied, self-sliding knot made of ULTRABRAID◊ 2-0 Suture create smaller needle insertions, reducing disruption to the meniscus.
  • Low profile with improved control: low profile, stiffer needle shaft improves control while enabling access and visibility to hard-to-reach areas of the meniscus.
  • Built-in adjustable depth penetration: set needle depth penetration from 10 mm to 18 mm with the simple push of a button.


TWINFIX Ultra Preloaded Suture Anchors with Needles combine pullout strength with controlled suture and needle management for your mini-open rotator cuff repairs.

Optimize your rotator cuff repairs with the combine strength of TWINFIX◊ Ultra Suture Anchors loaded with ULTRABRAID◊ Suture. This anchor has been designed to be supported by the internal driver to optimize force transfer during insertion into bone.

• Transitional thread design enables secure fixation.
• Distal “cutting” and proximal “locking” threads allow easy insertion and strong pullout strength.
• Loaded with ULTRABRAID™ suture for strong knots and a low profile knot stack.
• Specific hole preparation instruments address differing humeral bone quality.
• Multiple anchor sizes
• Multiple suture configurations

Trusted anchor material choices
Include absorbable (HA), non-absorbable (PK) and metallic (Ti) materials

Secure fixation
Distal “cutting” threads provide easy insertion and proximal “locking” threads provide strong pullout strength.

Increased visibility
Preloaded blue suture brings reliable suture fixation with low knot profile.

Preloaded and ready-to-use
Needles in handle

Ergonomically designed handle
With twist-and-release needle delivery system



BIORAPTOR 2.9 Suture Anchor is the secure solution for bioabsorbable fixation. With its cutting edge design and simple “tap-in” procedure, BIORAPTOR offers a flexible surgical technique for reliable and effective instability repairs. An improved eyelet design accommodates either one or two pre-loaded sutures, resulting in excellent suture sliding capability, even in the most challenging conditions, while the anchor’s unique rib shape provides superior pullout strength. BIORAPTOR is available with either DURABRAID or ULTRABRAID suture.

DURABRAID Suture (white and green #2)

  • Effective mix of strength, feel, and knot security
  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • No special cutting instruments required

ULTRABRAID Suture (white and cobraid #2)

  • High strength (UHMW) polyethylene fiber construction
  • Unique and proprietary braid configuration
  • Outstanding knot security and feel properties


The uniquely designed FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor is our most inspired innovation yet. Unlike other anchors which require final suture adjustment prior to setting the anchor, the FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor allows you to adjust the tension even after insertion. This gives you optimal control over your procedure to ensure proper fixation and suture tension. Choose the anchor that always delivers great performance.

Suture security

Suture secured inside anchor, not dependent on bone quality.

Easy tap-in design

No deployment devices required.

Torque limiter knob

The inner plug cannot be over-tightened.

Adjustable tension

Inner plug design allows fine-tuning of tension across the cuff tissue.

Product comparison

The FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor provides less rotator cuff displacement and suture slippage according to initial cyclic loading studies conducted in a synthetic humeral head model.



The ACCU-PASS Suture Shuttle is designed to accommodate doubled #2-0 or #0, or aa single #1 or #2 monofilament suture.

The single-handed, ergonomic handle design and thumb wheels provide precise control for suture placement and shuttle deployment.

Used in Shoulder Arthroplasty, seven different tip configurations and three shuttle loading options are available.

• Options provide flexibility in both procedure and technique.
• Solid one-piece shaft resists bending and breakage.
• Sterile, single patient use
• Suture passing and shuttling for instability, plications and side to side repairs.