Philips is the world’s leading Ultrasound System manufacturer company. Years of innovation and successful installations have made it one of the most trusted brands in the world.

THC is in the top three Medical Device Distributor companies in Indonesia, an expert in ultrasound industry. Having extensive experience and range of services including consulting, sourcing, selling, supporting, and repairing ultrasound units.

High-End Ultrasound

affiniti 70

Affiniti 70

The Affiniti 70 ultrasound system offers a powerful combination of performance and workflow for quick, confident diagnosis.

affiniti 50

Affiniti 50

The Affiniti 50 ultrasound system delivers innovation that responds to the needs of abusy ultrasound department and gives you the confident results you need, in the time you have, every day.

affiniti 30

Affiniti 30

Choosing a new ultrasound system is all about balance. You need accurate diagnostic information quickly, a simplified yet intuitive user interface, and easy access to critical features, along with an ergonomic design and the latest technology.