Tawada Healthcare was founded in 1999 with the goal of becoming the most integrated, reliable, and customer-driven healthcare provider in Indonesia. Through the years, we have added various different brands and products to our portfolio in order to serve even more customer base. We are focused on providing the best customer experience and to offer products of the best quality to our Indonesian customers. Today, Tawada Healthcare is one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare, medical devices, and medical consumables provider in Indonesia. Tawada Healthcare currently represents 20 major International principals and possesses the network to market our products through the entire nation, covering major provinces and cities. We currently have 13 branches including our headquarter in Jakarta, and we plan to keep on increasing in order to increase our network and coverage, and also to obtain more market share and better coverage. As a leader in the industry, it is our responsibility to provide excellent and extraordinary customer experience. We will continually strive to make sure that our customers are beyond satisfied with our service. We have in-house engineers who are specifically trained to serve our customers after they purchase our products. These engineers are well-trained and professional, always ready to serve our customers’ needs whenever and wherever they are needed. We also understand the rapid nature of the advancements in healthcare technology. We constantly provide state-of-the-art training programs for our engineers in order to keep them updated and knowledgeable of the most current healthcare technologies. With this, We can be sure that whenever our customers have difficulties, we will always solve it. Tawada Healthcare owns its entire logistics operations. We ship our own products and we deliver it personally to our customers. Our fleet is dedicated to on-time deliveries and making sure that the product is not damaged in any way and is in perfect condition when it reaches our customer. In Tawada Healthcare, there is a saying that the company “is all about CARE…”, and we are always driven to “THINK BIGGER…” These words are the backbone of the company and we will always live up to these words by leading the nation’s healthcare industry. THC is proud to represent 13 major International principals in our portfolio:
Business Division Principals Products
Imaging X-ray, Printer & X-ray Films
CT Scan, MRI, Cath-Lab
Diagnostics & Science
Food Safety Products
Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, POCT
Orthopedic ACL, TKR, THR, Trauma
Disposable Surgical Instrument
Laparoscopy, Electro Surgical
Critical Care
Continuous Renal Replacement Treatment
Anesthesia, Incubator, Ventilator, Patient Monitor
Dental Panoramic, Intraoral
Dental Unit
Cardiovascular Coronary, Peripheral, & Carotid, Intervention, Vessel Closure, Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair
Monitoring Analytical & Theurapetic Care